Groma maintains leadership in the surveying field through continual commitment to the industry’s most recent advances. We adapt new technologies to ongoing projects — including yours.

Using innovative fieldwork techniques, state-of-the-art equipment, and the latest software for data processing we develop high quality final survey deliverables for civil infrastructure design, construction, operations, maintenance, and management and for industrial scanning.

Past Projects Include

Railway Rehabilitation and Construction

  • Track layouts and alignment planning
  • Bridge condition inspection and analysis
  • Yard construction and design
  • Sight line studies

Roadways and Highways Construction

  • Alignment & grading stakeouts
  • Pavement control

Construction Layouts

  • Control networks
  • Grid layouts
  • Shoring and deformation monitoring

Utility Mapping

  • Subsurface and Aerial Utilities
  • Utility asset inventory data collection

Industrial Scanning and Surveying

  • Conveyor realignment
  • Equipment stability monitoring
  • Storage vessel stability control

Volume Calculations & Quantity Takeoffs

  • Landfill capacity determination
  • Project cut and fill quantities

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